Universal University is dedicated to training and educating the staff, producers and principals of our firms. Our unique experience throughout the financial services industry has allowed us to create a broad array of training and tools to aid our advisory clients with the knowledge they need to excel in their business. With cutting edge concepts, legislative changes and design we are aware of the industry like no other.

We are pleased to provide an exciting list of offerings for 2017! We encourage you to take advantage of a training schedule designed to fit the needs of all life insurance firms through conferences, virtual classroom training, teleconferences and webinars. The variety of learning methods and content is designed to serve the ever-evolving needs of your firms’ staff associates and producers.

Topical information presented online in seminar format, recorded or in real time. Many include interactive components such as the ability of participants to submit questions, the ability for the speaker to receive immediate audience feedback and real-time surveys and polls.

Unleashing the Power of IUL

Do your clients know they may already own one of the most powerful financial tools in the country, but they’re just not using it?

Join us to learn how life insuarnce can be the key to achieving financial goals by simultaneously growing and protecting your clients’ retirement security.

Two live sessions available:

Tuesday, March 21st at 2:00pm CST

Thursday, March 23rd at 10:00am CST

Meeting Link

Dial In: 1-888-535-6454 | Passcode: 2019879#

Continuing Education (CE) helps you stay up-to-date on the latest changes in industry rules and regulations as well as provide you with information on new products and planning techniques. Universal University is pleased to provide links to some of the leading insurance industry CE providers.  Many now offer interactive experiences which help facilitate the learning process along with the convenience of studying at your own pace.

Kaplan Financial
Financial Campus

Each year we gather a select group of the top sales producers for a Sales Summit. You’ll hear firsthand the top sales ideas from Universal, select carriers and chosen industry experts, as well as have the opportunity to network

Meeting highlights include:

  • Exciting revenue-producing concepts
  • Discussions on hidden opportunities
  • Insights to help you optimize product performance
  • Networking opportunities

Product information and updates, unique articles and sales and marketing information, focused on current topics of interest and industry specific trends. 

8 ways clients can save money on life insurance
These eight ideas can help you overcome one of prospects’ biggest hangups around purchasing life insurance: cost.

Busted: 7 life insurance myths
These widely-held myths open doors to educate prospects on why life insurance is the one purchase that no family should postpone.

Here’s how you sell life insurance to millennials
To reach what will soon be the largest pool of prospects, the industry needs to evolve quickly.

Why cash value life insurance may be the estate planning tool your clients need
For boomer or senior clients with sufficient net worth, moving money from low-yielding assets into life insurance can be a very smart investment.

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