Each day we face difficulties in managing our finances.  Inflation, taxes, changing interest rates, and stock market swings – their effect can unsettle one of our most precious possessions, confidence.  One thing we can be certain of is that the future will come, whether we are ready or not.

With planning, we believe you have a far greater chance of achieving your financial goals than if you don’t plan.  That’s why our advisory representatives can offer a comprehensive Financial Planning Service.

Our Planning Service was founded on two simple principles – To provide the highest quality service while maintaining strict confidentiality.  To make sure the professionals providing the service know how to listen to their clients and give advice that is in the best interest of our clients.

We have dedicated ourselves to offering our clients the opportunity to take advantage of what we believe to be one of the best financial planning sevices available.  Our Planning Service is available through specially selected financial planners who offer you an individualized plan to help meet your financial needs.

Planning Guidelines

All meetings will be personal and confidential with your individual planner; this information will not be reported or available to anyone but the individual.


All employees will be eligible for a 1 ½ hour consultation to get a snapshot of your financial situation. You will receive a 10-20 page report outlining your individual case projected towards your individual goals. “Where am I today relative to my goals?”

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Individual Planning
Traditional Planning / Comprehensive Planning

The Challenge 

Having enough money for retirement is a big concern for many Americans.  And getting the information they need to make smart planning decisions is often difficult and confusing. Never before have the financial choices facing individuals been more complicated, the problems more interrelated, and the number of product choices so overwhelming.

A Solution
Professionals will help executives by providing the kind of financial literacy programs executives require to plan effectively for retirement, and when they retire, to make appropriate decisions for their future financial independence.

For those executives retiring soon, guidance about qualified plan distribution options can significantly impact their financial status, and their ability to live comfortably throughout retirement.  And for those employees planning for retirement down the road, our Traditional Planning Service provides education on how to set and pursue individual goals – which is essential.

In addition, our Comprehensive Planning Service recognizes the specialized needs that executive and high-level management employees have in the area of financial, estate, and survivorship planning.

The Power Is Team Planning 

Recognizing that no one individual can be expected to be an “expert” in all areas, our team has experienced advisors, each a specialist in a particular discipline.  Using their combined knowledge and experience, and under the leadership of your own advisor, the team analyzes your situation and creates an integrated plan designed to help meet your financial goals.

How It Works

A comprehensive, objective approach to plan development that starts by systematically gathering information, setting priorities and establishing financial goals.

Your dedicated advisor draws upon the extensive knowledge of the team’s in-house professionals. This is followed by a sophisticated analysis by the team of advisors and other specialists.

Integrated solutions from an extensive product and services mix that utilized fund families, insurance firms and other providers.  This service allows you to consolidate your planning into a single relationship using a focused, integrated plan so the products and strategies all work together. It provides an on-going, goal-based evaluation that tracks your financial progress relative to your overall goals.

Comprehensive Services

 Estate Planning —

• Reviews, designs and oversees implementation of revised testamentary schemas.
• Diagrams estate distributions and provides cash-flow projections for surviving spouse and family.
• Develops tax-effective wealth-transfer strategies using “state-of-the-art” techniques including Grantor Retained Income Trusts, Family Partnerships, Generation-Skipping Trusts, Charitable Foundations, Personal Residence Agreements and Spousal Trusts.
• Coordinates asset ownership and beneficiary designations with estate-planning documents.

Tax Planning –
Investment Planning —

• Develops and implements an investment strategy based on personal goals.
• Applies its asset-allocation model.
• Implements a systematic investment strategy with specific mutual-fund or money-manager.
• Performs total-return calculations.
• Integrates company benefits with personal portfolio in an effort to obtain optimal returns within defined risk parameters.

Retirement and Cash-Flow Planning —

• Provides long-term cash-flow projections and wealth-accumulation strategies.
• Analyzes company benefit elections and oversees a personalized strategy for optimizing them.
• Formulates exercise strategies for stock options.
• Analyzes optimal education-funding techniques.
• Makes recommendations for pension-plan elections and distribution elections for deferred compensation.

Operating Principles

The counselor/client relationship is of paramount importance in the program. It is the responsibility of the counselor, who functions as the client’s “personal CFO” or “coach,” to aid in decision making and ensure they are implemented in a timely fashion. We follow several principles to ensure client satisfaction and a high level of service:

• We meet frequently with our clients. Under our Comprehensive Service, a counselor will meet with the client several times during the first year. On an ongoing basis, the counselor will meet with the client at least quarterly. These meetings are set up at the initiative of the counselor and his/her staff. In between meetings, the client has unlimited access to his/her counselor via telephone, facsimile and

• We provide each client with personalized financial exhibits. These exhibits function as tools to initiate discussions on the various subjects that fall within the broad heading of personal financial planning. The exhibits are highly customized to each client’s situation and are updated regularly.

• We are proactive in rendering professional advice. We are paid to monitor our clients’ affairs closely and to bring them ideas as investment, tax and financial conditions evolve.

• We implement or oversee the implementation of as many of our recommendations as possible because we recognize our clients are very busy people. Also, we believe that excellent ideas that are not implemented are of little value.

• We are happy to integrate the affairs of our clients’ family into a well-coordinated financial plan. We particularly encourage participation of the client’s spouse in the planning process.

If you are interested in an assessment, traditional or comprehensive financial plan email us at [email protected].

Universal Insurance Services and its subsidiaries do not provide legal or tax advice. Any decisions whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax and legal counsel.


For Disability, Lloyds – Physicians and Medical Professionals are eligible for simplified issue only – case by case guaranteed issue availability.

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