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Who wouldn’t want to shorten the time it takes to underwrite a case?  Even better, who wouldn’t want to get paid faster?   Underwriting can be a long and tedious process, but it doesn’t have to be!  I know, I know, a paramedical exam will be done and the examiner will ask all of those questions any way!  However, the best way to speed up underwriting is to be good at asking the right questions.

If you want to:

  • Set realistic underwriting expectations.
  • Have less back and forth interaction with your clients.
  • Avoid the embarrassing conversation when your client doesn’t get the underwriting rating they were expecting.

Start by answering the home office underwriter’s questions BEFORE they are asked.  You are the first point of contact with client and you have the unique ability to gather information that will make everything that follows as smooth as possible.

The easiest information to gather usually ends up sidelining the most cases.  All carriers have preferred guideline that can readily be found on their websites.  These guidelines can quickly tell you if a case fits into their preferred criteria even before you take the application.  These guidelines usually consist of:

  • Build charts – ask about their current height and weight and if they’ve had a significant weight change over the last year.
  • BP Readings – ask if they have ever been treated for hypertension and if they know what their last reading was.
  • Cholesterol Readings – ask if they have ever been treated for cholesterol and if they know what their last reading was.
  • Tobacco history – ask if they have they ever used tobacco and, if yes, what type and how much and when they quit if applicable.
  • Family history – ask them if there is any history of cardiac disease, diabetes or cancer in a first degree relative (immediate family). If yes, ask what type, when diagnosed and age at death, if applicable.
  • Aviation/Avocation – ask them if they fly a plane, race a car, climb a mountain or sky dive, etc.

These are known as “knock out” questions because they can knock some applicants out of a preferred rating.  All carriers have them and they are constantly changing.  However, the answers to the above questions along with a list of physician’s seen and the reasons for the visits, a list of any current medications taken and any personal medical history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease can give you the advantage it takes to cruise through underwriting.

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