Americans who say they need Long Term Care insurance...
Actually own it.

One of the most essential pieces of a sound financial plan is Long Term Care Insurance.

Because of its importance, and the difficulties involved in staying on top of such an ever-changing market, Universal’s LTC team has designated a national platform to provide expert assistance to our agents and firms as they look to provide the best advice to their clients.  Our dedicated LTC specialists are available to support you with everything from pre-screening and proposal preparation, to obtaining applications and answering your client’s questions.

Universal’s goal is not only to provide you with the best Long Term Care Insurance products available, but to also educate you on products and industry news items that will prepare you in serving your clients most effectively.  With that in mind, we are pleased to now offer the Vital LTC Sales Suite for our advisors, it provides long-term care quotes and feature comparisons for a wide range of long-term care carriers. 

  • Vital Signs – Carrier financials and ratings for 500 insurance companies
  • Vital LTC – Long-term care quotes and feature comparisons for a wide range of long-term care carriers

Looking for something you don’t see? We can provide custom marketing and education to you through many different avenues. Whether you are an LTC Specialist or an occasional producer, live teleconferences, speaking engagements, and CE opportunities are all available to you.

Our Long Term Care division provides a full range of products and services, including:

  • LTCI Training and Marketing Expertise.
  • Plan design and proposal preparation.
  • Pre-underwriting inquiries.
  • Group and Association LTC solutions.
  • Application submission and processing

Our customers include Financial Planners, Life Insurance Producers, Benefit Advisors, CPAs, Banks and anyone else interested in adding Long-Term Care Insurance to their product portfolio.

LTC Resources

Education Center

The Long Term Care Education Center was designed to give you quick answers to those LTC terms or concepts which may be unfamiliar.  It covers a wide range of clear, in-context definitions pertaining specifically to Long Term Care Insurance.

LTC Benefits and What They Cover

When it comes to long-term care policies, you have choices. Learn about the different types of policies and the services they cover.

Long Term Care Possibilities Infographic

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