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Access our online Licensing and Contracting system for everything you need to process your carrier contracting forms.

Carrier Dual Contracting

Access carrier specific list to see which carriers allow Dual Contracting.

Carrier Direct Deposit Requirements

The following carriers require Direct Deposit:

  • AG
  • Allianz Life
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Minnesota Life
  • North American
  • Principal
  • Protective
  • Symetra
Carrier E & O Requirements

Access carrier specific E & O Requirements here.

Carrier Commission Payout Schedule

Find a complete list of each carrier’s commission payout schedule here. Includes information on statements, direct deposit, EFT, paper checks and required minimums.

Pre Appointment State List
Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked Licensing, Contracting and Commission questions here.

Get contracted and add appointments…

In an effort to streamline the contracting process, we are pleased to offer our online Licensing and Contracting system.  The process leads you through a series of questions that includes everything needed to complete carrier contracting forms. The initial process takes 10-15 minutes to set up your profile.  Your information is then saved for all of your future appointment requests with Universal Insurance Services.  This allows you to request multiple carriers at the same time, eliminating paperwork. The Licensing and Contracting team will contact you via email if any missing items are required for submission. The team will notify you as well with your agent code and effective date when the appointment is complete.

View cases, appointments and agent codes…

Once the first appointment is processed, you will be granted access to “Case Control”, which gives you the ability to view cases, appointments and agent codes.  Once the carrier has processed paperwork and approved with agent code or “just in time” status, you will receive email from the contracting dept.  Please note, items are processed and prioritized by submission of New Business and pre-appointment states, whether the paperwork is received through the online contracting system or through a manual paperwork submission.

To log in to Case Control:

You will need to register for a Pipepass login in order to use the new DataView system.  Some of you may already have Pipepass login credentials (it’s what you need to register for in order to access some of our E-Apps).  Others will need to sign up for a new ID which you can do right on the login screen.

If you forget your password or need assistance logging in, please contact the PipePass help desk at 800.641.6557 (option 5).

Please note that most carriers take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to fully process an appointment request (this is an estimate and never exact; it depends on the workflow of the carrier and if new business is attached to it).   The UIS contracting department will handle all of the follow up with the carriers to ensure that the appointment is processed accurately and in a timely fashion.  Once the carrier has processed the paperwork and approved with an agent code or “just in time” status, you will receive an email from the contracting department with this detailed information.

Important information regarding AML training…

Carrier requirements for Anti-Money Laundering training are among the top reasons for outstanding appointments.

All carriers require AML training for appointment.  Agents must submit either the date the training was completed (only accepted if training was completed through LIMRA), or a copy of their AML training certificates (if training has been accomplished through any vendor other than LIMRA).  It is important for the agents to provide the L&C team with their AML training prior to requesting an appointment as to help prevent policies being held due to outstanding requirements. Please see attached for an AML Training Reference Guide which contains the most recent information regarding the carriers’ requirements.

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