Our strategy works with a diverse portfolio of clients on initiatives to discover value, opportunity and solutions. Innovative thinking, professional skills and proven strategic solutions combine to ensure our clients strategic planning goals become a reality.


    Our goal is to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of their professional teams. While we often leverage our proprietary tools and resources to jump-start strategy work, collaboration with our clients is the key ingredient to a successful outcome. We utilize our experience to focus on concepts with the highest return and create innovative, pragmatic resolutions with sustainable results for our clientele. We are unbiased and solely focused on our clients' effective and efficient solutions, even when our services may not be the most viable option.


      We are dedicated to training and educating the staff, professionals and principals of our clientele. Our unique experience throughout the financial services industry has allowed us to create a broad array of training and resources to aid our clients with the knowledge they need to excel in their business. With cutting edge concepts, legislative changes and design we are aware of the industry like no other.


        We work with our clients to better their business and themselves, creating a more efficient and higher revenue generating business. By looking into your objectives and initiatives, we can help you develop a high quality, well rounded business without the added expense of "coaching" or practice management fees.


          We work directly with professionals, their clients and our clients to assist in the ultimate collaboration, becoming an integrated partner serving as an extension of their professional teams.


            Vanbridge Insurance Services has a distinctive focus to maximize efficiencies, reveal potential and inspire. The Vanbridge “capital” has a unique blend of industry and consulting experience, which provides creative and practical solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry best practices.

              Intellectual Capital

              Vanbridge Insurance Services is proud to be associated with some of the brightest minds in the financial industry; over the years we have created a platform of specialists within our organization to support almost any situation that may arise. Our Advanced Sales department is a team of dedicated professionals who are available to assist you with maneuvering the complexities of case design. Through the diversity of our talent, we are able to take a holistic approach when assisting you with a case and provide perspective on how different factors will affect the outcome for our clients.

              Vanbridge’s Advanced Sales resources include:

              • Tax and Legal
              • Securities Knowledge and Expertise
              • Innovative Strategies
              • Product Design and Exclusivity
              • Advanced Case Design
              • Advisor Education
              • Ongoing Case Support
              • Carrier Selection and Product Design
              • Second Opinion/Review/Audit Services

              Knowledge is Power

              Understanding that products and underwriting alone will not necessarily solve all of a clients objectives, we have built a universe of experts that have decades of experience and achieved top tier success in a large breadth of fields. This experience allows us to have a deep understanding of what our clients go through day to day in the trenches. In addition, our staff has achieved accolades in the industry for their expertise, sitting on advisory boards with several carriers, ranging from product design to advanced planning.

              When it comes to strategic support we believe that our team is unmatched. Our company philosophy and persistent drive towards excellence attracts diverse talent from some of the industry’s top organizations. We combine this talent with cross-training techniques that empower our team to provide a distinctive point of view when developing solutions for complex cases.

              VBIS’ support for Executive Benefits is bred from experience, history and familiarity working with life insurance offerings tailored to the benefits marketplace  and the ability to offer unique insurance products to meet the needs of executives. We have access to the country’s leading specialists and we work strategically with other companies to develop packages designed for executive retention as well as our own exclusive access products.

              Estate Preservation & Liquidity is traditionally considered the foundation of insurance planning. Staying ahead of legislative changes, product  updates and wealth transfer strategies provides Vanbridge with the resources necessary to allow our clients to solve their customers challenges efficiently. Seen as an industry “go to” for super-net-worth clients, consistently designing cases  with face amount in excess of $100,000,000, Vanbridge continues to enhance the estate planning marketplace with unique and fundamental planning techniques.

              Policy Analysis/Consultation: This is a term utilized too often in our industry, without guidance or knowledge of what that truly entails. Case modeling and/or the policy review process at Vanbridge is in a league of its own compared to the traditional marketplace. We take this seriously and look for the liabilities associated with TOLI, UPIA, 101j and other legislation and how they impact your clients and your business. We do not boiler plate our models and, through sophisticated techniques and modeling, present each case its unique consultative format.

              Unique Expertise: The Private Equity, Fund, Venture Capital, Legal, Accounting and “Super Net Worth” space continues to call upon Vanbridge when they want creative, objective and efficient solutions.  Vanbridge’s consultation prowess, objective business model and creativity is recognized as a top provider among these industries.

              Leveraging this knowledge and experience allows us to serve you beyond the processing of a piece of business. We were structured with one thing in mind; our clients success.

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