Welcome to Case Control!

Once the first appointment is processed, you will be granted access to “Case Control”, which gives you the ability to view cases, appointments and agent codes.  Once the carrier has processed paperwork and approved with agent code or “just in time” status, you will receive email from the contracting dept.  Please note, items are processed and prioritized by submission of New Business and pre-appointment states, whether the paperwork is received through the online contracting system or through a manual paperwork submission.

REMINDER: Instead of the standard login information you currently use, you will need to register for a Pipepass login in order to use the new DataView system.  Some of you may already have Pipepass login credentials (it’s what you needed to register for in order to access some of our E-Apps).  Others will need to sign up for a new ID which you can do right on the login screen.

If you forget your password or need assistance logging in, please contact the PipePass help desk at 800.641.6557 (option 5).

Please review the attached detailed documentation that will walk you through how to access Case Control and provides screenshots of the dashboard, search function, case details and case notes.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your individual case manager for assistance.

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