Most clients share the same goal of long-term wealth accumulation.

Some of them have no problem watching their investments bounce up and down from day to day, while risk-averse investors or those nearing retirement generally can’t withstand short-term volatility within their portfolios. If your clients are this type of investor – or one who has a moderate risk tolerance – annuities can be a valuable investment tool. Our Fixed Annuity specialists can provide information on the top annuities in the industry along with many other services, including significant back office administrative support.

Application packages and case design consultations are provided prior to the annuity sale. Once received, all applications are reviewed for good order status prior to being sent to the carrier. Producers/firms are updated and notified proactively if there are outstanding requirements, and updated on the status of the case overall. 1035 exchanges are tracked to ensure timely receipt by the receiving carrier. Should there be an issue, there is also a dedicated resource team available to resolve the problem in a timely fashion.

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