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We believe the success of our model is a direct result of providing an exceptional client experience.

In today’s challenging environment it is essential to have a risk advisory team with experience not only in the technical nuances of their profession but professionals that have navigated through market cycles and think beyond traditional solutions. One of our firm’s key competitive advantages is our ability to provide integrated insurance solutions centered around business, individual, financial and investment advisory needs.

In our experience, other insurance brokerage institutions are inhibited in their ability to deliver optimal expertise and service due to internal boundaries. This can result in a disconnected and obstructed client service approach. We have no P&L boundaries and consequently, we collaborate very effectively with each other. This ultimately drives innovation and provides results that a siloed approach is unable to deliver.

We offer a new concept in risk planning, one that will bring the entire picture into focus by providing coordinated advice about personal insurance planning, executive benefits, estate, tax, distributions, business succession, and other financial matters. Our clients rely on our team to identify relevant areas of risk, ask clarifying and exploratory questions to identify goals, generate custom solutions and manage the implementation in conjunction with their legal and tax advisors, when applicable. At the core of our consultation, we remain unbiased and solely focused on providing clients an effective and efficient solution, even when our services may not be the most viable option.

The ability to build and maintain relationships is key. Taking the time to get to know clients authentically allows us to communicate on a more personal level. We endeavor to understand what our clients want, what they desire, what challenges they are trying to solve, and what opportunities lie ahead of them.

Our dedication to service is what defines us.


What they are saying.

  • "Since our client base is predominantly private equity and investment firms, we were very "choosy" as to who we would partner with to handle our business. Some of the clients he has worked with us on include CVC Capital Partners, A&M Capital Partners, Stone Point Capital, Wellspring Capital Partners and many others."

    PVMManaging Principal & CEO
  • "A detailed, creative thinker who focuses exclusively on the benefit of their clients or those for who they partner with. They have been a real asset to our business and continues to bring creative ideas and help our business to continually grow. A real asset to any business."

    MLV.P at Internationally Renowned Executive Benefit and Insurance Firm
  • "Having both worked with and competed against VBIS  for years, I can say they are truly one of the most knowledgeable and well versed insurance professionals in our industry. Their knowledge rivals the collective experience of most carriers’ entire advanced marketing departments. There principals have the ability to communicate technical and legal concepts to Attorneys, CPAs and corporate Board of Directors. They can also communicate the reason to take action to the layman and client.  Their wealth of knowledge covers every conceivable insurance strategy from trust and estate planning."

    BPManaging Director at a National BGA
  • "We have worked with numerous national firms and until Vanbridge it was a consistent sampling of mediocrity. Focused and professional, they have solved for several areas of concern for our firm and always solve efficiently. One of the most creative and unique firms we have ever done business with."

    MDPManaging Director, Private Equity
  • "Vanbridge is more than just a “broker”, they help our team with case consultation and plan design strategy. I personally enjoy bouncing ideas off them prior to client calls/meetings. VBIS has also helped us gain access to different products that are not normally offered to your more traditional markets."

    JM & NSOne of the Largest Executive Benefits & P&C Firms in the World
  • "I have used many Brokerage General Agents in my 20+ years in the insurance business. Their team has great relationships at the carrier level and can get the job done when no one else cannot. In addition, they are a incredibly creative and dynamic advanced underwriter - VBIS is the only team we use."

    JMExecutive Vice President - Estate Planning and Executive Benefits National Firm
  • "I have worked with VBIS on numerous occasions and to simply recommend them would be a substantial understatement. I have never had the opportunity or pleasure to work with someone so professional, so forward thinking, so creative and so knowledgeable their principals. They have a passion for their business not seen in our industry and that passion makes them an A player and business partner!"

    FATop Advisor – Financial Planning and Executive Benefits
  • "Professional, Objective and Intellectually the best we have come across. We continue to see Vanbridge as a major insurance specialist for our organization and our clientele."

    MTPartner, Top 10 Worldwide CPA Firm
  • "VBIS is more than just a “broker”, they helps our team with case consultation and plan design strategy. I personally enjoy bouncing ideas off the principals prior to client calls/meetings. they have also helped us gain access to different products that are not normally offered to your more traditional markets."

  • "We have been in the insurance business for 20+ years and have worked with many folks from many companies. Sometimes the results are good sometimes not so much. With Vanbridge we have always had great results. Their attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge and business acumen are second to none. It is always cost effective, very well organized and best of all, easy to work with. I couldn't recommend someone more."

    JRCEO of a major national health benefits firm
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